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Najat Khan

Chief Data Science Officer

Johnson & Johnson

Top Global Medical Device Companies - Medical Product Outsourcing

Tuesday, June 30

9:00AM - 10:00AM


Najat Khan, Ph.D., who had been COO in Janssen's research arm, was recently promoted to Chief Data Science Officer — fitting into a trend over the last 2 years as the major players in the industry look for new and better ways to manage the massive and growing volume of data now at their disposal.

Najat has built and continues to grow a world-class team that is extremely disciplined in picking the right high-value problems, determining the right datasets (internal and external collaborations), identifying the right analytical approaches to drive solutions with a test-and-learn mentality, and then scaling to maximize impact. These solutions result in programs that are faster or less costly (efficiency) or elevate the probability of success and increase output (effectiveness).

Part of Khan’s expertise lies in the field of AI, where drug developers have been turning to gain some fresh insights into which drugs should go into the clinic. Lowering the monumental failure rate would go a long way to fixing what ails many of these big players.

Khan earned her Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Penn and went on to become a pharma consultant at the Boston Consulting Group before joining J&J, where she had worked on data, strategy and operations.